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Thrifty Van Hire Slough

Slough has, in recent years, been made popular with the television series 'The Office', but the reputation it earned on the show is somewhat undeserved. True, Slough is home to the Slough Trading Estate (the first such kind in the United Kingdom, the largest in single ownership, and the one of the largest in Europe overall).

But this, plus its extensive transport links, have made Slough one of the most important business centres in south-east England. So, boring it may be (maybe) but it is important in its own right, and not to be missed while you have your Thrifty van hire.

The first time the name was used is believed to have been in 1196, when it was called 'Slo'. During the mid-1600s, stage coaches used to pass through Slough, and it became a place for horses to be changed on the trip out from London. Thank goodness you have van hire nowadays!

Slough has 96 listed buildings, four of which are grade I: Saint Laurence's Church, Saint Mary the Virgin's Church, Baylis House and Godolphin Court. Take your Thrifty van hire and stop in at some of the historic buildings, or some of the grade II listed structures (such as the station, and milestones found in and around the city).

Or perhaps you could plan your van hire to coincide with the annual Fennerfest. Marketed as 'Slough's Premier Community Arts Festival', it includes films, debates, humour, family activities and other things – three weeks in total! Make sure you try to include the festival in your plans before you return your van hire! Check the Slough borough council website for events planned in the city, and be sure to catch a play or concert while you're visiting!


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