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UK Driver's licence from June 8 2015

We will require each Hirer to sign a statement confirming their entitlement to drive on a UK licence as follows

I declare that neither I, nor any other driver named on this rental agreement, has ever had an Insurance proposal declined, renewal refused or Insurance cancelled by Insurer.

Furthermore that neither I, nor any driver named on this rental agreement, has been disqualified from driving during the past five years for a DD, DR or UT offence or for any other offence that carried a disqualification of 12 months or more and that all drivers hold a valid driving licence which carries no more than 9 penalty points other than for convictions spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

I further declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief no information has been withheld which would influence the provision of motor insurance to me or any other driver named on this rental agreement.

I acknowledge that any false declaration may render the Insurance invalid and that I will be responsible not only for damage to the Thrifty vehicle but also for any claim arising from any third party.

All other ID requirements remain in place and must be presented when collecting your rental vehicle