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Thrifty Prestige Car Hire Ipswich

Ipswich is located in Suffolk County, and you can easily find a Thrifty Car Rental location to help you get a prestige car hire. While touring the county town you may wish to visit The Ancient House and the Christchurch Mansion, or the Ipswich Transport Museum. You will have no worries of getting there and back with our prestige car hire.

The Ancient House is also known as Sparrowes House, and is dated back to the 1400's. It was owned by Knight Sir Richard of Martlesham back in the 14th Century and into the 16th Century the Ancient House was owned by a number of merchants. By 1603 the Sparrow's Family became owners and continued their ownership for the next 300 years. Today the house is owned by the Ipswich Borough Council and there is also a small gallery located in the attic.

After touring the Ancient House you will be able take your prestige car hire and be off to The Christchurch Mansion. The Christchurch Mansion is a great stately home centered in the heart of Ipswich and houses a museum as well. In the museum you will be able to see fine art, period furniture, and a modern gallery that is changing on a regular basis. The Christchurch Mansion is also known to house some of the local artists such as Thomas Gainsborough and John Constable. You will also find that the mansion is also surrounded by some beautiful landscaped gardens, and is a great way to enjoy some fresh air.

Stopping by the Ipswich Transport Museum is also a great stop to make with your prestige car hire. At the Ipswich Transport Museum it is the host to a collection of more than 85 vehicles which include Trams and Trolleys. After enjoying all of the old style vehicles you will be able to enjoy the comforts of your prestige car hire from Thrifty Car Rental.


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