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Thrifty Prestige Car Hire Colchester

Colchester is located in the East of England borough, and there are several Thrifty Car Rental locations to meet your prestige car hire needs. During your stay in Colchester you will find several museums as well as live music performances to enjoy and this is only the beginning.

The museums in Colchester are vast and plentiful and some of the museums are the Colchester Castle Museum which is loaded with historical facts about Colchester and offers many different types of artwork. Another fantastic museum to visit is the Hollytrees Museum which is also filled with historical information. A few other museums woth mentioning are the Natural History Museum, East Anglian Railway Museum, and the Tymperleys Clock Museum. They all are very unique and offer free admission although donations are appreciated.

After touring the historic side of Colchester, you can drive you prestige car hire to listen to the musical side of Colchester. There are plenty of musical venues in which to choose from including the Colchester Arts Centre, The Twist, Charter Hall, and Special Duties. These venues offer electrifying live music, which ranges from the early 80's to punk and rock.

In Colchester you can tour the historic side or the musical side, or even both and arrive there in a prestige car hire from Thrifty Car Rental. Some other interesting facts about Colchester is that they are the oldest recorded Roman town as well as the oldest town in Britain.

When hiring prestige car hire from Thrifty Car Rental it is always a good idea to plan what types of activities you want to do so that you can have Thrifty take care of it for you. For example if you plan to go mountain biking you can order a roof rack from Thrifty Car Rental so that you can bring your own bikes with you.


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