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Thrifty Prestige Car Hire Carlisle

Carlisle is a city in North Western England, which is considered a military stronghold of England in the early years. This industrial city also has its share of sports and activities and has contributed many famous names to the sports world. The city is known for the educational opportunities and the sports exposure that it offers.
Not much of a tourist centre, Carlisle still has something to offer for the tourists visiting the city. The city can be explored by a prestige car hire from Thrifty, which comes at an affordable price. Being an industrial city, Carlisle has a historic look over it with buildings and the general architecture contributing mainly to it. Most of the city's attractions include museums, cathedrals, and castles.
The city's main sites are not located all around one area and hence a prestige car hire may serve the purpose of shuttling between the various sites. Some of the note-worthy attractions of Carlisle include the Carlisle castle which is over 900 years old having served as a fortress in the past and reflecting some of the occurrences in the chambers. The Carlisle cathedral with its rich history and culture along with a museum of its own and Tullie museum which is the prime attraction in Carlisle known for its arts, Linton tweeds which boasts of the fabrics produced at the city and Border and Kings Own royal border regiment museum.
Apart from offering a few attractions, this sports-centric city offers numerous activities at different locations which can be reached by the use of a prestige car hire from Thrifty. There are race courses, golf courses, football and rugby grounds which may interest sports lovers.


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