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Thrifty Car Rental Swindon

Swindon is a big community located in Wiltshire in the South West of England. The community is roughly midway between Bristol 40 miles west and Reading 40 miles east and about 81 miles west of London and is an ideal location for car rental services from Thrifty Car Rental.

It is located on the principal railing cable between London and Bristol, and has one principal caravan station which was refurbished in 2005. It was designated an 'Expanded' Town under the Town Development Act 1952, which led to a huge growth in the population of the township In the 2001 census the population of the Swindon urban region was 155,432, whilst around 184,000 lived in the Borough, which includes the satellite towns of Highworth and Wroughton.

With great transport and excellent car rental services from Thrifty Car Rental it is no wonder why tourists rent a car when they arrive in Swindon to see all the amazing attractions of this wonderful city.

Also Swindon has two bus operators - Thamesdown and Stagecoach. The township is noteworthy for its roundabouts, to the extent of selling annual calendars featuring a distinct roundabout for each month. The better known roundabout is the 'Magic Roundabout' at the juncture of Drove Road, Queens Drive and Fleming Way near the County Ground.

A bit of interesting facts on the city of Swindon is in 1997 Swindon was named the fastest growing city and in 2001 building commenced on Priory Vale, the third and closing installment in Swindon's 'Northern Expansion' plan. The expansion plan began with Abbey Meads and continued at St Andrew's Ridge.

Swindon has much to offer to travelers in the area such as the newly refurbished shopping district and several historic attractions such as museums and art galleries. Thrifty Car Rental provides car rental services to all areas of Swindon and will make your trip a little smoother.


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