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Required at desk: Driving license (both parts where necessary or a DVLA check will be completed) Credit/debit card - credit card will be pre-authorised, debit cards will be charged and a refund sent Payment = Hire charges + £8.00 fuel charge, deposit £250.
Out of Hours: Request basis only - we will confirm/turn down within 24 hours.
Charges as follows: Up to 1 hour past closing - £10+VAT
Between 2 and 3 hours past closing - £20+VAT After midnight and before 6am - £30+VAT After 6am and before opening - £10+VAT
***To contact the location directly please dial 01624 825855***

Thrifty Car Rental Isle Of Man

Situated in the area of Irish Sea, and geographically located at the core of the British Isles, Isle of Man is a British Crown dependency and is perfect for using car rental services from thrifty Car Rental. It is not actually a part of United Kingdom but its responsibility of defence, ultimate good governance and external relations is taken up by the UK government.

The Island of man consists of a few small islands namely St Patrick's Isle, the Calf of Man, and the Chicken Rock. These are partially inhabited. However, it stands at an equal distance from places such as Scotland, North Ireland and England. This makes it a preferred holiday destination by a large number of tourists. The car rental service from Thrifty Car Rental is also made available here and is of great help to such people who want to explore the beautiful tourist destinations and views of the area.

Calf of Man covers an area of around one square mile towards the south western coast of the main island; the Isle of Man. Calf Sound is a thin water stretch that separates it from Mann. Chicken Rock island is located at the southernmost island of the Isle of Man and stands in the southwest direction of the Calf of Man and you can also find St. Patrick's Isle is another island of the Isle of Man.

It is greatly covered by Peel Castle and is known for its attractive and remarkable castle ruins. St German Cathedral, Round Tower, as well as a few residents of Lords of Mann are some of these ruins.

A central valley on the valley separates the south and north hills surrounding it. You can visit the northern part comfortably in your car rental from Thrifty Car Rental. The northern part of Isle of Man has become exceptionally flat because of the advancement of glaciers from western Scotland. Deposits have also been found at Shinghal beaches of the Point of Aiyre.

It has one mountain which is more than two thousand feet high named Snaefell and has a height of 2,036 Ft. It is believed that from this summit, it is possible to view the six kingdoms of England, Scotland, Mann, Wales, Heaven and Ireland.


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