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Thrifty Car Rental Ipswich

Ipswich is name of the rural district situated in East Angila, England. The city is located in proximity to River Orwell estuary. Significantly, it is third largest urban area in English territory with 85% of the people living in this area have their own self government system according to which they run the management of the city.

The city has a rich cultural heritage as it has been a main trading centre between Scandinavia and Rhine. The city has various exhibits and antiques of ancient Roman civilization, which emerged long time back in history. Our special car rental service from Thrifty Car Rental will take you through various visiting places of Ipswich.

If you have admiration for ancient art and artistry, Ipswich is best place to visit. You will find a blend of crude urban beauty and finery of city life with the recent day development undertaken by the government. The face of the city has been greatly altered due to recent day urbanization plan but the rich cultural heritage of the city still stands for tourists' interest and admiration. With our special car rental service Thrifty Car Rental you can plan your trip the way you want, as it will allow you to travel conveniently to urban as well as rural areas of the city.

Few of the best visiting places of Ipswich are Cornhill, ancient trade hub for Anglo-Saxon and Ancient house, which is a wonderful mark of pargeting. Pargeting is an art which can be defined as a method of carving in which a special coat of plaster is added to the surface to apply ornaments.

If you go towards the north of the Cornhill, you will find Christchurch Mansion, which is a centre of many museums and art galleries. These paintings are as old as the Christ Mansion itself. Christchurch Mansion is been said to have been built around 1550. Here, nearby this mansion, you will find an old library, which was established around 1924.

There are plenty of ancient artistry waiting to be explored, which is only possible when actually land to this city. Our car rental service from Thrifty Car Rental will ensure maximum convenience at modest prices.


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