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Thrifty Car Rental High Wycombe

There really aren't that many places that wow me any more but I must say that High Wycombe was a treat especially by having the freedom to travel to any where I wanted with my car rental from Thrifty Car Rental. I was lucky to be able to travel in the winter when the snow was powdery fresh on the ground and the small buildings looked so cozy with the dim lights shining from them. The places I was able to see were just a small piece of High Wycombe and I wish I could have seen more but my stay was only for a short time.

My first destination was the High Wycombe town centre where there was a wide array of shops and two shopping centers where I made sure to have a go at the clothing stores. After a few hours of shopping I decided that it was time to continue on throughout the town. I wanted to make sure to see all I could before leaving in a few days.

After shopping I stopped by one of the local pubs and had a few brews with some of the locals where they told me all about the town's history and their adventures while living there. They talked to me about the Guildhall and told me more about the Town Centre and what it used to look like before all the changes.

As soon as I was done with my brew I was able to catch a ride in my car rental from Thrifty Car Rental to the Rive Wye where I was able to learn about how the trees were cut down to make furniture. The last thing I did while I was there was take a look at the gliding club. While I didn't actually do any type of gliding I was able to watch others do the gliding and I was able to learn from them about the dangers and risks of gliding.


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