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Thrifty Van Hire Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds is a small town in Suffolk County, in eastern England. It has several notable points of interest for anyone taking a van hire from Thrifty Car Rental trip through the area.

The ruined Bury St Edmunds Abbey should undoubtedly be your first stop on any van hire journey through Bury St Edmunds. The Abbey played a small part in the declaration of the Magna Carta in 1214, as the Barons of England at the time met in the Abbey to discuss their plans concerning it. The Abbey remained a site of pilgrimage for many years, until being largely destroyed in the 16th century.

Next to the Abbey lies the grand Bury St Edmunds Cathedral, allowing to proverbially kill two birds with one stone on this van hire outing. The site where the cathedral stands has been home to numerous churches for nearly a millennium, with the St. James Church becoming the cathedral in 1914. The cathedral has received numerous additions over its short life span, including a grand gothic tower which was completed in 2005 with much fanfare.

If more history gleaning is in the cards for you on your van hire trip to Bury St. Edmunds, a stop at the Moyse's Hall Museum should be your next stop. The museum contains many local relics, as well as a fine art collection, and numerous other things of interest.

Finally, the Theatre Royal has gained a large cultural significance over the years, and is the sole remaining Regency Theatre in Suffolk County. The theatre was built in 1819, and has recently undergone a series of large restoration projects. Plans are for the theatre to reopen in fall 2007 with a continued tradition of fine live performances.

These and other fine stops await you on a van hire from Thrifty Car Rental trip to historic Bury St Edmunds.


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